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FM PDF To Word Converter Free 4.0

FM PDF to Word Converter Free is a poor freeware PDF to DOC converter

Quite often, developers try to pack as many features in their software as possible, as they believe this is exactly what the users need. However, every here and then, you may need the exact opposite: one specific tool serving one specific purpose. You don't want to download a half-gigabyte program to convert a PDF file into the .doc format. Even less would you want to pay $15 for it.

In this case FM PDF to Word Converter Free could be just what you need: this freeware program can do virtually nothing else but convert PDF to DOC. In fact, it is an appetizer for FM PDF to Word Converter Pro, a shareware converter, the trial version of which comes along with its free counterpart. Logically enough, the appetizer should make you even hungrier, so the only option you've got is to select the file you want to convert, press the Convert button and look at the results. You've also got a royal selection between including and not including images in the final .doc file.

Sadly, FM PDF to Word Converter Free does the only job it is capable of very badly. It does convert the document, and it even retains most of the original text. However, the font, the layout and all other small things making up a PDF document get lost somewhere along the way. Besides, the sheer number of toolbars and trashware it tries to install onto your computer alongside itself makes FM PDF to Word Converter Free a no-goer for me.

The conclusion I came to is very clear: stay away from it!

Andreea Iordan
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Review summary


  • It does convert PDF to DOC


  • The resulting .doc files are of poor quality
  • Tries to install loads of trashware
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